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All Apex Legends Badges

There are over 100 badges in the Apex Legends game, and the majority of them are available for purchase in our boosting store. We guarantee the protection of your account during service providing. All the boosters don’t use any cheats, hacks, or third-party programs. Moreover, you can watch a private stream of your order or play together with professional gamers using the Self Play option to ensure this for yourself.

We guarantee the best conditions for our clients:

  • Quick start and order completion;
  • Account safety from the beginning to the end of your order;
  • Fair pricing for our services.


Every Apex Legends player can get all the desired Badges on his account with PlayCarry boosting team. Earning trophies has never been such an easy and exhilarating task. You don’t need to spend endless hours tryharding, as the rewards are just a few clicks away from you. The list rewards of you will receive buying our carry service:

  1. Desired Badges on your Apex Legends account;
  2. Experience on the legend of your choice;
  3. Seasonal rewards and ratings (available for ranked badges).
All Apex Legends Badges
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All Apex Legends Badges
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