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2k Badge Apex Legends

2k Badge in the game Apex Legends is the first item in the Damage trophy category. Players achieve this badge after dealing 2000 damage to enemies during a single match.

Note: If a player deals damage to knocked-down enemies or to a defensive shield, it does not count in the progress.

How to get 2k Damage Badge in Apex Legends?

The best and easiest way to get 2k (2000) damage badge in Apex Legends game is camping. This strategy does not require players to be overly aggressive, since they can achieve this amount of damage for seasoned players.

However, for gamers that don’t have a stable team it’s much harder to complete the task. In this case, Boosting Service is the best option to reach the goal. This service is available for players with any account level and champion. We guarantee fast order completion without using cheats. Furthermore, customers can watch the process in real-time on a private stream.

2k Badge
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2k Badge Apex Legends
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