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4k Badge Boost Apex Legends

4k Damage Badge is one of the best possible ways to show a gamer’s skills and proficiency in Apex Legends. Apex gamers spend weeks playing a single legend and mastering skill to obtain this reward. There are also certain tactics and strategies that are supposed to help with getting it, but it is not so easy for hardcore gamers as well. In Apex, a match is considered pretty successful with 2-3k of dealt damage, and 4k is something that is only available for best champions.

PlayCarry professional boosters work in Apex for many seasons and know how to deal 4000+ damage with any champion on any map. Getting a 4k badge service is a fast and efficient way to achieve it and show off this awesome result to other gamers! Remember, that badges are seasonal, and once the season is over, there is no way to obtain it again. Do not waste your time, receive the best services by PlayCarry boosters whenever you need.

Easiest way to get 4k Badge Apex

To get the Apex 4k damage badge, players need to practice a lot. It’s not easy to learn the mechanics of a few characters at once, so the best way is to pick one and train daily to deal as much DPS as possible. There is some other advice from our boosters that help them farm this badge fairly easily. Here are some of them:

  1. Thirsting enemies. It is important to knock enemies out before killing them, because with each downed opponent champions get additional 100 damage points. It is still important to remember to know when to stop- make sure to heal and don’t let the other team push you.
  2. Do not wait too long. Act as aggressive as possible, because waiting too long results in most of the teams dying with the skilled ones staying. It is the worst case scenario for farming a 4k badge, so start performing right away.
  3. Focus on damage. The amount of kills doesn’t matter much, so position yourself as a damage dealer from the start. Concentrate on attacking, but let the teammates finish the enemies by themselves and don’t waste a lot of time on it.

Some Apex Legends players might wonder if there is any glitch or exploit to make this process faster. However, the developers took care of it, and currently there is no way to get badges like this. The easiest way to get 4k damage and obtain a badge is to be skilled and follow professional advice. Our boosters have obtained this achievement on numerous Apex accounts, and will gladly do it for anyone!

Buy Apex 4k Badge boost

Many Apex players consider purchasing a carry from a professional site in order to get a desired achievement. This decision is a good idea to spare some time from repetitively trying to score a big amount of damage. Buying a boost also has other advantages!

By buying 4000 badge boosting in our store, customers not only get a desired achievement to display on their account, but also a bunch of other benefits. Beside a bonus to the level progress, they receive various badges for a decent performance on a champion, such as Legend’s Wake and Wrath. Those who purchase battle pass, also receive points to it. The whole boosting process is quick and transparent, so feel free to contact our 24/7 online support and get your 4k Badge carry in Apex!

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