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Apex Legends Predator Boost

Predator boost in the Apex Legends game is a top-tier carry service that players can achieve during the ranked season. This reward is available only for 0,06% best Apex gamers in the world. However, champions have another way to acquire this trophy – boosting services.

By using this option, you delegate the challenging process to professional boosters from the top 100 Predator list that achieved this rank in multiple ranked seasons. We guarantee the safety of your account and personal data during the service providing. Our team does not use cheats or third-party software, which you can verify for yourself during a private stream of your order.

Predator Apex Legends Rank Reward List

The most prestigious title in Apex Legends comes with numerous rewards unlocked when a gamer adds the Predator achievement to their collection. Here’s the primary list of rewards:

  1. Apex Predator Rank on your account.
  2. Badges and trophies.
  3. Experience on your account and for the champion.
  4. Coaching (available for the Self Play option).

We reserve the right to choose which legend our gamer will play. However, if you prefer the booster to play as a specific champion, select the appropriate option. Moreover, the Apex Predator boost is available in Self Play mode. This means you will play in a team with legendary game gurus. Gain experience in-game and from winning ranked matches, and become a top-tier gamer with the Predator title!

Apex Legends Predator Boost
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Apex Legends Predator Boost
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