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Level Badges Apex Legends

Apex Legends Level Badges are prestige rewards that gamers achieve for reaching new account ranks. These items are indicators for other players that you’ve reached a specific level playing the game.

All Apex Legends Level Badges 1-500 List

There are 9 ladders that bring gamers all Apex Legends Level Badges during ranking up to the experience cap. Here’s the list of the most popular levels to reach badges in these Apex Legends divisions: 50, 100, 200, 300, 500. Champions achieve a higher ladder position with better rewards every 20 levels up to 100 rank, and every 100 levels after rank 101.

Apex Legends players receive a huge list of in-game Badges for achieving 1-500 account level. Playing matches and getting experience, they collect higher quality rewards. Every trophy has a unique paint and color: red, green, yellow or blue.

Apex Legends Level Badge Boost

Buying a boosting service, Apex Legends champions collect rewards and increase account level at the same time. This option is helpful for gamers that don’t have enough time to unlock ranked matches (on level 50) or reach higher prestige rank. We guarantee account safety during the boost. Select the trophy you want to add to your account and enjoy your reward within the shortest time possible!

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Level Badges Apex Legends
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