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Apex Legends Ranked Carry

Purchase the Apex Legends Rank Carry service to achieve the league and division you’ve always dreamt of! Whether you’re aiming from Rookie to Master rating, our carry service is available to all gamers who have reached an account level of 50. Experience safe and fast service from our top-tier PlayCarry boosters. We guarantee account’s protection from the beginning to the end of your order.


  1. Achieve your desired ranked league and division on Apex Legends account.
  2. Gain experience on your account and chosen legend.
  3. Coaching (available for the Self Play mode).
  4. Badges and in-game currency.


  • Self Play: Team up with our boosters and earn rewards.
  • Express: Quicker start and a reduced ETA by up to 20%.
  • I don’t have 50 account level: Allow us to level up your account, unlocking ranked matches for you.
  • Specific Legend: Choose a character for us to play on.
  • Stream: Available in the piloted mode. Watch your order’s progress via a personalized stream.

Who are your boosters?

Our elite team comprises 190 dedicated Apex Legends boosters. These professionals are sourced from the top-tier Predator and Master ranks, featuring within the top 100 players. Every member of our community (from manager to booster) is a professional gamer. That’s the main reason why we can guarantee the best possible conditions at a fair price for your order.

Apex Ranked Carry
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Apex Legends Ranked Carry
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