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3k Badge Apex Legends

The 3k Badge in Apex Legends is the second in-game trophy from the Damage category. This item provides a visual upgrade to the champion’s account that has dealt 3,000 damage to enemies with weapons within a single match. Gamers can see this emblem during the battle’s initial loading screen and during the character selection phase.

A player must deal the specified amount of damage to enemies to earn the award. Shots at a protective shield or injured enemies do not count towards progress.

How to get the 3k Damage Badge in Apex Legends?

An average player deals between 400-900 damage and makes about 200 shots per match. To earn the 3,000 damage badge, Apex Legends gamers must exceed their statistics by more than 3 times. But how can they achieve this without using cheats?

The best and easiest way to get the 3k (3,000) damage badge in the Apex Legends game is boosting. This service allows players of any rank and skill level to add the trophy to their collection. Receive valuable titles and rewards while watching professional boosters play on your account. Clients can choose the character on which our professionals will provide the carry and gain additional gameplay and legend experience.

3k Badge
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3k Badge Apex Legends
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