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Ranked Badges Apex Legends

Apex Ranked Badges are cosmetic trophies that players achieve during the ranked season in Apex Legends game. These rewards are the main indicator of skill for gamers. They show previous experience and ladder position of its owner to other champions.

The main reason why Ranked Badges are so popular to boost in Apex Legends is status. Gamers obtain these rewards after reaching 1 of 8 titles in rated leagues. With Predator or Master achievement, it’s much easier for players to find a good team for rated battles. Experienced Apex Legends gamers always inspect challenger’s Ranked Badges from the past seasons before inviting him to the team because no one wants to carry Rookies in rated Leagues.

Ranked Badge System in Apex Legends

Ranked Badge system has 8 rated Leagues that classify Apex Legends gamers by skill. It makes a matchmaking process more accurate because champions from Rookie, Bronze or Silver Leagues won’t queue against Gold, Platinum or Diamond brackets. It allows players to select teammates with the similar game experience as they have.

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Ranked Badges Apex Legends
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