WoW WOTLK 2v2 Arena Boost

WOTLK Arena carry is a fast and convinent way to boost your 2v2 rating. You’re only a few clicks away from quickly climbing up the ladder and dominating your foes! Order now and start your carry immediately!

Why should you buy 2v2 Arena Carry in WOTLK Classic?

  • Unlock BIS PvP set items and weapon opportunities
  • Fast and Reliable service – you can count on us to get your desired rank
  • Safe and secure boosting – we will never intentionally put you at any risk during the piloted service
  • Achievements and titles at the end of the season
  • Earn Arena Points after weekly reset

What is 2v2 WOTLK Arena Boosting?

2v2 Arena boosting, otherwise known as 2s, is a pvp game mode in WOTLK Classic that rewards the player with Arena points, titles, and achievements. It is a good way to farm your BiS PvP set items in WOTLK, and combined with 3v3 Arena boosting or 5v5, can be an amazing way to farm out extra bits.

Why PlayСarry?

PlayCarry team goes above and beyond to keep your account safe during 2v2 WOTLK Arena boost. Piloted boosting services are risky without the guarantees PlayCarry offers.

Guarantees such as:

  • We use a VPN at all times during 2s carry
  • We never speak at any time during the service of your character
  • In the rare scenario that you are penalized, suspended, or banned during the service, we will provide a 100% refund + compensation. The last thing we want our customers to feel is upset or disappointed
  • Communication is key with our customers. We are here for you 24/7 during 2s WOTLK carry. Reach out to our customer live chat if you have any questions
WoW WotLK 2v2 Arena Boost


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