Ticuu's Divination Catalyst

Ticuu’s Divination Exotic Bow is a great weapon on its own. But with Catalyst It becomes much better. The Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst comes with the perk “Causality Quiver”. It has two effects, increases damage when perfectly drawn arrows cause Sacred Flames and refreshes duration of Causality Arrows if target isn’t suffering Sacred Flames. The only downside of this Catalyst is its one of the worst grinds in the game. But not a problem for we are offering an easy way to get it – our Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst boost.

ETA for the boost is 2-3 days.

Available for all regions and platforms.

Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst boost rewards:

  1. Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst obtained
  2. Ticuu’s Divination Catalyst masterworked (if selected)
  3. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
  4. Crucible tokens and various Crucible drops
Ticuus Divination Catalyst
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