In WotLK Tailoring might be the most valuable profession especially for cloth wearers of any class. There is more to tailoring than just being able to fly around on a magic carpet, although it’s pretty decent, there are a lot of other bonuses become available to you thanks to tailoring. Right from the start of WotLK and all the way through you are able to make useful patterns and unique cloak charm that significantly increase the stats and much more.

What is the point of leveling Tailoring in WotLK?

  • From a comparative perspective you get an excellent bonus attack power which can line up with your trinket procs. It’s beneficial if you have bleeding or snapshot skills, perfect for shadow priests who are trying to get intense shadow world pain or affliction warlocks with their corruption
  • Powerful BOE epics you create as a tailor, the best possible gear you can get for some slots at the beginning of WotLK
  • Cloak charm that works out higher than the average gain you get from other WoW professions
  • And of course availability to create and use the flying carpet, both 60 and 70 versions. Even once you get this mount you still have to know tailoring because it requires at least 425 skill in tailoring to ride

Unfortunately, like the other professions in WoW, leveling tailoring requires more than just looking through a guide. You have to put a lot of effort into it, which means a lot of time spent.

How to level tailoring in WotLK

You start off by learning Apprentice in any major capital. You might return to these profession trainers until you reach Artisan. Once you cross into Outland, your Master trainers are in the first questing area for your faction. When you access Shattrath, Weaver Aoa of The Aldor and Miralisse of The Scryers are also available to train you. After arriving in Northrend, you’ll find your Grandmaster Trainers in your first questing area, however, the most recommended trainer is Charles Worth in Dalaran.

Tailoring materials can be purchased from the auction house but it may be more cost-effective to farm them on your own. Cloth drops from humanoid mobs in a lot of different zones. That’s where the routine grind comes.

You have to increase your tailoring skills to a certain level and move to the following location:

  1. Oldworld 1-300
  2. Outland 300-350
  3. Northrend 350-450

At the end you will finally be able to work with Embroidery, Bags, Raiding Patterns and Mounts.

Fastest way to level tailoring!

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