Hero of Shattrath

Hero of Shattrath achievement in WoW WotLK requires you to get exalted with both Scryers and Aldors. The hard part about Hero of Shattrath is that you’ll have to choose either Scryers or Aldors first, which will decrease your reputation with the other faction down to unfriendly. Leveling up your first reputation will further decrease your rep with other factions.

Hero of Shattrath quick guide and tips

The best way to approach this achievement is to simply choose one of the factions and level it up to exalted in a normal way, and then farm up the other reputation from hostile using repeatable quests. There are 1 such quest available for every faction:

  • Basilisk eyes quest for Scryers, collect 8 Dampscale Basilisk eyes
  • Venom sacs for Aldors, 8 Dreadfang venom sacs

You’ll need roughly 1400 of those to get to neutral reputation, after that you’ll be able to grind your way to exalted the normal way. And of course, tons of Firewing signers / marks of sargeras and arcane tome / fel armament for the rest.

Hero of Shattrath boost.

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Hero of Shattrath


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Hero of Shattrath
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