Nothing Boring About Borean

Nothing Boring About Borean in WoW WotLK is a part of the Loremaster series. In order to complete it you’ll have to finish 130 quests in Borean Tundra. Also worth noticing that Nexus or Cooking quests do not count towards Nothing Boring About Borean progress. But Coldarra ones do, so you can safely grind them all out.

There are at least 4 quest hubs in Borean Tundra, they should not be too difficult to find. However, despite the name, grinding out all the quests can prove to be quite boring. Especially if you’ve pushed through this zone at the start of the WotLK and don’t remember where you have left off.

But don’t worry, with our Nothing Boring About Borean carry we’ll boost you through all the quests, quick and easy. Forget about tedious grinds and boring farms, leave that to professionals.

Nothing Boring About Borean


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