The Path of Burning Steps Exotic

The Path of Burning Steps are Titan-specific exotic boots. These boots will increase your damage with Solar weapons and abilities and mitigates the effect of freeze and slow on you. That last part will be extremely useful in Crucible, making Titan pretty much unstoppable. Firewalker buff activates on kills, increasing your weapon damage and stacking up to 4 times. Firewalker buff lasts for 10 seconds but you can reactivate it before timer runs out. Long story short – great choice for Titans, especially for PvP activities. Want to get these boots? Not a problem, we’ll get you those boots in no time with our Path of Burning Steps boost.

Power level 1820+ is required.

ETA for the boost is 12-24 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

The Path of Burning Steps boost rewards:

  1. The Path of Burning Steps exotic boots obtained
  2. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
The Path of Burning Steps Exotic
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