Halls of Lightning

With the new challenges players face in WotLK Classic, you’d think taking a break from PUGs and LFG would be nice. Don’t think, do! Take a break and let our Halls of Lightning dungeon boost for WotLK Classic do all the work for you.

While you sit back and relax, you’ll receive rewards such as:

  • Quest Completion
  • Earn XP if not level capped
  • Reputation gains
  • Potential gear, crafting agents, and recipe drops
  • Full clear of HoL

What is Halls of Lightning in WotLK Classic

The Halls of Lightning are located in the eastern half of Ulduar, the massive titan metropolis. Here, the wicked Loken — a former chief sentinel and fallen Pantheon servant — mass-produces iron vrykul for his dark master’s deadly ambitions. Loken directs his soldiers from his throne, guarded by storm and fire elementals and surrounded by his most powerful servants and commanders.

What’s different in Heroic?

Other than bosses becoming much more challenging, players are rewarded with:

  • Potential 200iLvL gear
  • Daily Heroic Quest (There’s also a daily normal for HoL!)
  • Achievements that are required for Glory of the Hero

What is our WotLK Classic Halls of Lightning Dungeon Boost

This is a boost provided by Playcarry. You can buy it now on our store today! We will farm Halls of Lightning for you as often as requested during this boost.

  • Order the service from our store
  • Contact us through Live chat to arrange a time for the service
  • One of our boosters will log onto your character and carry you through the dungeon
  • All quests and applicable achievements are earned
  • You keep everything acquired during the service


What level can I enter Halls of Lightning in WotLK Classic?

Players can enter HoL as low as 75. It is recommended to enter at level 79 or even 80. This is because there are a few DPS checks throughout the dungeon every group must meet to clear the instance quickly and efficiently.

What quests are there for WotLK Classic HoL?

This instance includes four complete quests, two daily quests, and two normal one-time completion quests. The quests completable are:

  • Diametrically Opposed
  • Whatever it Takes!
  • Timear Foresees Titanium Vanguards in your Future! (Daily)
  • Proof of Demise: Loken (Daily)
Halls of Lightning


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