Loremaster of Outland

Loremaster of Outland achievement in WoW WotLK is a questing achievement. It requires you to complete a number of quests in each Outland zone.

You’ll get a zone-specific achievement for completing zone specific tasks:

  • To Hellfire and Back
  • Mysteries of the Marsh
  • Terror of Terrokar
  • Nagrand Slam
  • On the Blade’s Edge
  • Into the Nether
  • Shadow of the Betrayer

Loremaster of Outland is a part of The Loremaster achievement. Those who are aiming to get the Loremaster title are in for some grinding all over Outlands. A good idea will be to install any Low Level quest tracking addons. Or you can just get our Loremaster of Outlands carry and one of our professional boosters will grind it all instead of you, quick and easy. Don’t waste your time on the boring stuff, enjoy the game, we’ll take care of the rest.

Loremaster of Outland


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