Well Read

Well Read achievement in WoW WotLK requires you to read an assortment of books hidden all across Azeroth. 42 books to be exact.

Well Read quick guide and tips

Alliance players should check out Stormwind Library first, they’ll find a lot of different books in there. Horde players can also try to sneak in there but they really don’t have to bother. There are at least few more copies hidden elsewhere. Checking Scholomance is also a good idea.

All and all, you’ll have to do a lot of running around looking for the safe places to read these books. Might take you a while to find all the hidden places and to actually get there. Luckily, you can get your Well Read Achievement done rather quickly and easily, with our Well Read carry. One of our professional boosters will do everything for you, quick, easy and 100% safe. Act now and get your Well Read achievement done today. Enjoy the game, we’ll deal with the rest.

Well Read


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