Fallen Sunstar

Fallen Sunstar is a brand new Exotic helm for Warlocks in D2. Current item is available in the Season of Plunder and it brings some helpful perks you might be interested in to make your character stronger.

Fallen Sunstar Boost is a great choice for guardians that are going to try Arc builds and play in a team. Additional ability energy you’ll create for your teammates is a nice buff that will surely make your D2 gameplay easier.

Fallen Sunstar Carry Rewards:

  • 100% guaranteed item on your guardian;
  • Required amount of completed Lost Sectors;
  • Weapons and armor pieces we’ll grind during your order.


  1. 1565+ light level;
  2. The Witch Queen campaign done on your account.

How to get Fallen Sunstar in D2?

This exotic helmet randomly drops in Lost Sectors of Legendary and Master difficulties. Drop rate is quite low, since every Lost Sector has different items as rewards. However, you should grind current activities when it awards you a random helmet slot.

Don’t forget that there’s no 100% guarantee that you’ll receive your exotic helm from 1-2 runs. But you can affect a drop chance if you’ve previously farmed all the helmets of the same quality on your Warlock.

Fallen Sunstar
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