Mountain o' Mounts

Mountain o’ Mounts in WoW WotLK is, as the name suggests, mounts achievement. You’ll need to collect 100 mounts in order to complete it. It will not be an easy task in WotLK expansion. The reward for completing Mountain o’ Mounts is Blue Dragonhawk mount for Alliance and Red one for Horde.

Quick Mountain o’ Mounts guide for WoW WotLK

You can get up to 33 mounts from your faction’s major city reputations. These reputations will be rather easy to get as well. Another 25 can be obtained in Outlands, from reputations as well. 9 more mounts are available from PvP and 5 more from professions, 3 from engineering and 2 from tailoring. 19 mounts are available through Drops such as Swift Zulian Tiger from Zul’Gurub or Twilight Drake from Obsidian Sanctum Heroic.

Other sources of mounts are: seasonal events, achievements, WotLK reputations, class mounts for paladins, warlocks and death knights. There is no way to complete this achievement without farming rare drops from raids or 5-man dungeons however.

Mountain o’ Mounts boost, how does it work?

Quite simple, we’ll just get 100 mounts for you with our Mountain o’ Mounts carry service. The amount of work will depend on a few factors, your faction and class for example. Alliance factions have a few more extra mounts you can get without starting farming rare drops. Paladins and warlocks have 2 free mounts and Death Knights have 1.

We’ll start by collecting all of the easier-to-obtain mounts, such as reputation rewards, and then we’ll start working on rare ones. Everything will be done by one of our professional PvE boosters. Only hand-made leveling, no 3rd party software, no cheats or exploits. We will also level a bunch of factions to exalted during the boost so you’ll be able to purchase some rare recipes and blue or epic gear for your character.

Final step will be – farming rare dungeon or raid mounts, with one of our premade groups, to speed things up and maximize the drop chances. This part will depend on luck to some extent, but don’t worry, there are 19 different mounts we can farm for you so it won’t take long.

Act now and get your Mountain o’ Mounts achievement done with our team, the only way to save yourself from tedious grind and boring farming.

Mountain O Mounts


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