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Festival of the Lost Masks

Masks and their acquisition are a key attraction in the Festival of the Lost each year. These intriguing ornaments are affixed to the Masquerader’s Hood, a reward obtained through the Classic Carving quest.

Masks general guide

When players don a Mask, they’ll start accruing Candy by defeating foes, partaking in various activities, and completing bounties. Similar to equipping Solstice armor during the Solstice of Heroes event, keeping your Mask on throughout the event is the best way to ensure a steady stream of rewards.

As with past events, the Masks in Festival of the Lost are inspired by iconic characters and formidable bosses. Every year, you can anticipate new Masks joining the collection, alongside the return of some familiar favorites.

In this year’s festival, there are eight new Masks to obtain, each with its unique set of requirements for unlocking:

  • Calus Mask – Conquer the Occult Ritual Event Challenge.
  • Clovis Bray Mask – Successfully accomplish the Cryptozoologist Event Challenge.
  • Disciple Mask – Available for purchase in the Eververse store for 300 Silver.
  • Good Boy Mask – Also available in the Eververse store for 300 Silver.
  • Mara Sov Mask – Earn it by completing the Happy Haunting Ground Event Challenge.
  • Nimbus Mask – Claim it by conquering the Hocus Focusing Event Challenge.
  • Pouka Mask – Attain it by completing the Candy Corner Event Challenge.
  • Tormentor Mask – Secure this one by prevailing in the Heads Will Roll Event Challenge.

Candy is another currency in Destiny 2, used to buy Mystery Grab Bags from Eva Levante and focus Eerie Engrams on Festival of the Lost gear. Players have to remember that their Candy doesn’t carry over after the Festival of the Lost concludes, so ensure you spend it before the event ends.

Festival of the Lost Masks farming rewards:

  1. Festival Mask of your choosing obtained
  2. Masked Rider Triumph for collecting all 6 Masks
  3. Headless Horsepower exotic Sparrow
  4. Chance to obtain Festival of the Lost specific weapons
  5. Tons of Candies
  6. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact

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