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Festival of the Lost Candy Farm

Candies are the main currency of the Festival of the Lost. They are obtainable through various Destiny 2 activities and events. Players would want to stock up on candy aplenty to maximize their enjoyment of Destiny 2’s latest holiday festivities. Destiny 2 provides nearly a dozen activities that yield copious candy rewards in just a matter of minutes, and the best part is that they come at no extra cost.

Festival of the Lost Candy farming guide

To distill it to its essence, procuring candy during the Festival of the Lost mandates wearing a Mask in your head armor slot and defeating enemies to collect the candy they drop. The more formidable the enemy, the greater the candy yield upon vanquishing them. Essentially, you can partake in any activity in Destiny 2 to reap candy, but a handful of optimal approaches also promise a wealth of other rewards.

Haunted Lost Sectors: In a noteworthy departure from past holiday events, one of the most efficacious means of candy accumulation during the Festival of the Lost is through the event activity known as Haunted Lost Sectors. The action unfolds in close quarters, where every enemy contributes to your candy cache, and the Headless Ones, in particular, reward you with a substantial ten to fifteen pieces of candy for each adversary dispatched. The only drawback is the time limit imposed by a five-minute timer, though you can engage in some dedicated grinding once the boss encounter materializes.

Complete Specific Strikes and Battlegrounds: Strikes such as The Disgraced and Devil’s Lair, as well as nearly all Battleground activities, boast remarkably high enemy concentrations, making them prime locations for candy farming. Select a few that resonate with you and your fireteam and run them repeatedly. Should you opt to undertake them as part of the Vanguard Ops playlist, you’ll have the additional benefit of harvesting Vanguard bounties, although it’s not a prerequisite in this context.

Altars of Sorrow on the Moon: The Altars of Sorrow event on the Moon provides yet another cost-free and efficient channel for candy procurement. Enemies spawn indefinitely, or at least as long as the timer permits, and their numbers are substantial enough to allow you to accumulate hundreds of pieces of candy within a matter of minutes.

Festival of the Lost Candy Farm boost rewards:

  • Chosen amount of Candies farmed
  • Various Destiny 2 activities completed
  • Various loot and materials gathered during the boost
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact

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