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Festival of the Lost Seal (Ghost Writer Title)

Destiny 2 Ghost Writer Seal is a prestigious title attainable by players during the annual Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2. which spans over a period of 3 weeks. Throughout this 3-week festival, players are tasked with specific challenges, the completion of which leads to the unlocking of particular triumphs. Once a sufficient number of these triumphs have been accomplished, the coveted Ghost Writer title becomes accessible.

Ghost Writer Seal guide

In Destiny 2, titles serve as highly coveted cosmetic distinctions. While these titles do not confer any in-game advantages, they serve as a compelling means for players to exhibit their dedicated involvement within the game. To acquire a title, players must successfully fulfill a sequence of Triumphs, representing in-game achievements, found in the submenu associated with that specific title. Currently, each of the 4 holiday-themed events in Destiny 2 is linked to a unique title. A notable example of such a holiday-themed title is Ghost Writer, exclusively obtainable during the Festival of the Lost.
Securing the Ghost Writer title in Destiny 2 necessitates the completion of the 16 Triumphs listed on the Ghost Writer Seal. These Triumphs are also visible on the Festival of the Lost event page

Ghost Writer Seal boost rewards:

  • Ghost Writer Title and Festival of the Lost seal completed
  • Tons of various cosmetic items
  • 16 even upgrade tickets
  • Tons of Legendary Weapon and Armor
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact

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Festival of the Lost Seal (Ghost Writer Title)
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Festival of the Lost Seal (Ghost Writer Title)
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