Shadowkeep Campaign

Shadowkeep Campaign take place on the Moon. You will be helping the Vanguard in their fight against the Hive and later on you will help Eris Morn discover the secrets of the Pyramid. You will obtain some exotic weapons, such as Deathbringer Rocket Launcher and many more. Shadowkeep campaigns consists of 19 quests that you will have to complete. Or we can do that for you, with our Shadowkeep Campaign Boost, leaving you with all the rewards from it.

ETA for the boost is 1-3 days.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Shadowkeep Campaign Boost rewards:

  1. Shadowkeep Campaign fully completed
  2. Moon unlocked
  3. Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher
  4. Deambean Armor Set
  5. All Nightmare Hunts unlocked
Shadowkeep Campaign
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