Heartshadow Exotic

Heartshadow Exotic Sword is one of the many exotics added in the Season of the Haunted. Not only this Sword has a unique cool-looking model, it is also a perfect weapon for a Void subclass characters. This Sword ability turns your character invisible when you launch a heavy attack and fires off Void orbs at your enemies. This “extra” invisibility makes this Sword very strong. But it won’t be easy to get though. You can get it from Duality dungeon with a very low chance of chance of dropping. Or you can get our Heartshadow Exotic swort boost with a 100% chance of obtaining this sword.

ETA for the boost is 5-7 days.

Available for all platforms.

Heartshadow Exotic Sword Boost rewards:

  1. Heartshadow Exotic Sword obtained
  2. A number of Duality dungeons cleared
  3. Various items and resources, including loot from Duality dungeon, gathered during the boost
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