Shop Smart, Shop Pet...Smart

Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart in WoW WotLK requires you to collect 50 unique companion pets. As a reward for completing it you’ll get Reeking Pet Carrier, an item that allows you to summon a Skunk pet named Stinker.

Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart might seem like a quick one, but getting 50 pets in WotLK can prove to be quite a task. There are a few easier sources and a couple of harder ones.

  • Vendor. You can simply buy It from a Vendor. No requirements, just pay a few coins and its yours. Alliance players can buy up to 22 pets all across Azeroth and Outlands, Horde players can get 16
  • Professions. Engineers can craft 5 unique pets and fishermans can get 5 more for completing daily quests
  • Quest rewards. 6 more available from different quests, mostly from Classic Vanilla era
  • Drops and reputation rewards. Going to be the hardest part where you’ll have to grind a lot

First 3 sources are quite easy, just find a vendor and buy your companion pet. Quests should not take that long either. Drops and reputations however will require you to grind a lot. Drop chances are extremely low, less than 1% usually. Reputation grind will take a significant time, especially if you are starting from Neutral.

There are a couple of other sources, such as seasonal events or TCG but most of the time they are not available for the players so we have not included them on the list. To recap everything we’ve learned about Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart achievement and how to complete it as fast as possible we need to quickly locate all the pets that we can purchase from vendors without any other requirements, check the auction house and your professions to see if you can get any craftable ones, complete all the quests and calculate how many companion pets you were able to collect. After that you’ll have to start grinding rare drops and reputations. Or you can simply get our Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart achievement boost and we’ll do all of that for you. Act now for a quick, easy and 100% safe boost.

Shop Smart Shop Pet Smart


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