Leading the Cavalry

Leading the Cavalry achievement requires you to obtain 50 mounts. Upon completing it you’ll be rewarded with Albino Drake Flying mount. This achievement can be done without farming raids and dungeons hoping for the rare drops but still will require you to grind some reputation and invest some gold into it.

Leading the Cavalry achievement in WoW WotLK quick guide

Alliance characters, especially humans, will have a slightly easier time working on Leading the Cavalry achievement, but Horde characters should do just fine as well.

There are few sources of mounts that can be used by both factions:

  • Your faction’s home cities. Get exalted reputation with all 4 and you’ll be able to purchase up to 32 mounts
  • PvP rewards
  • Up to 7 gryphons or wyverns can be purchased in Shadowmoon Valley, Hellfire Peninsula or Borean Tundra
  • Kurenai (Alliance) or Mag’har (Horde) faction offers 4 more mounts for sale, Sha’tari Skyguard and Netherwing factions offer 11 more.
  • Mei Francis in Dalaran have 4 more mounts for sale
  • The Temple of Ahn’Qiraj mobs can drop 4 different Battle Tank mounts that can only be used inside the raid, but still counts towards Leading the Cavalry achievement.

There are few more places where you can get even more mounts, random dungeon and raid drops, different vendors and activities rewards, but they’ll be much harder to obtain. Or you can just get our Leading the Cavalry Boost and we’ll farm everything for you. Don’t have any reputation? Not a problem, we’ll fix that. Lack gold to purchase those mounts? No worries, we do. Leave the grind to professionals, enjoy the game, we’ll take care of the rest.

Leading the Cavalry


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