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Rain of Fire Pants

Rain of Fire is a new exotic pants for Warlock class added in the Witch Queen expansion. Those pants works perfectly with the recent Solar 3.0 rework. Those pants work best with the Fusion Rifles or Linear Rifles. Rain of Fire exotic perk called “Soaring Fusilier”. Its first effect will reload all your weapons after air dodge. Second, airborne effectiveness of Fusion and Linear rifles is increased. And third, final blows with these weapons will make Warlock Radiant. Basically a 25% damage buff. Sounds good doesn’t it? It sure does. But how to get those pants you ask? Simply get our Rain of Fire exotic pants boost – we’ll get you those pants in no time, quick and easy.

Power level 1820+ is required.

ETA for the boost is 2-4 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Rain of Fire Pants boost rewards:

  1. Rain of Fire exotic pants obtained
  2. Lost Sector completed
  3. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
Rain of Fire Pants
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Rain of Fire Pants
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