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Witherhoard Catalyst

Witherhoard Is an Exotic Grenade Launcher. This is a very powerful and fun weapon thank to its damage over time from Blight. And its catalyst making Witherhoard much better. What it does? It adds a Silent Alarm perk that has two effects, that synergizing with each other. The first one makes your Witherhoard reload while its holstered. The second one increases your handling with the weapon, which means that you will be drawing and holstering it faster. Basically, you can empty your mag, holster it, fire with your other weapon and then quickly draw Witherhoard back again, freshly reloaded. In addition to all of that, Witherhoard will spawn orbs on multikills and track kills. In order to get this catalyst, you will have to complete “The Bank Job” quest. Or you can just get our Witherhoard Catalyst boost services, and we’ll get you your catalyst in no time.

ETA for the boost is 2-3 days.

Available for all platforms.

Witherhoard Catalyst boost rewards:

  1. Witherhoard Catalyst obtained
  2. “The Bank Job” quest completed
  3. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
Witherhoard Catalyst
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Witherhoard Catalyst
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