Introducing Inscription! A brand new and beneficial profession in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

With our Inscription Power leveling service for WotLK Classic, you’ll be on your way to:

  • Crafting glyphs, vellums, and shoulder enchants
  • Skill level 450 in Inscription
  • Grandmaster achievement
  • Lots of new glyphs
  • Potential to make an incredible amount of gold
  • Darkmoon Cards

What is Inscription in Wrath Classic?

Players who choose Inscription may make glyphs, shoulder enchants, off-hand items, Darkmoon Cards, Enchanting Vellums, and other helpful goods by milling collected Herbs into various pigments, transforming them to inks, and mixing them with vendor-purchased Parchments. Because Inscription is a new profession in this expansion, players will need to start at level 1 and work their way up to level 350 to be prepared for Northrend-era skills.

Different levels of Inscription trainers can be found in various locations:

  1. Azeroth
  2. Outland
  3. Northrend

The location of the alliance trainers are:

  • Feyden Darkin in Darnassus at Craftsman’s Terrace
  • Thoth in Exodar at Crystal Hall
  • Elise Brightletter in Ironforge at Tinker Town
  • Catarina Stanford in Stormwind at The Mage Quarter
  • Michael Schwan in Hellfire Peninsula at Honor Hold
  • Tink Brightbolt in Borean Tundra at Valiance Keep
  • Mindri Dinkles in Howling Fjord at Valgarde

While the location of horde trainers are:

  • Jo’mah in Orgrimmar at The Drag
  • Zantasia in Silvermoon City at Court of the Sun
  • Poshken Hardbinder in Thunder Bluff at Spirit Rise Pool of Vision
  • Margaux Parchley in Undercity at Apothecarium
  • Neferatti in Hellfire Peninsula at Thrallmar tower
  • Adelene Sunlance in Borean Tundra at Warsong Hold
  • Booker Kells in Howling Fjord at Vengeance Landing

How to level Inscription fast?

The quickest and most efficient method to level inscription is with the assistance of our Power leveling service. Trust me; this isn’t just a gimmick. We have optimized and sometimes secretive routes that will allow for fast and convenient service. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

How does our Inscription Power leveling service for WotLK classic work?

This is a boosting service offered on our store. Why waste your time running around Azeroth, Outland, or Northrend when we can do it for you at a much faster pace? This service benefits you in several ways, especially gold-wise. The Inscription profession is an absolute gold mine if you’re looking to make profits.

A pro-level player will provide the following during the service:

  • Level 450 in Inscription
  • Several recipes unlocked
  • Lots of mats and potential gold
  • Grandmaster achievement

Add Herbalism for only 65% of the original price!

  1. Add the service to your cart after selecting the 1-450 or 375-450 option
  2. After you’ve made your purchase, contact our live chat with your order number ready, so we can schedule a time to begin
  3. Completely log out of WoW
  4. That’s it! GGWP!


How to get Darkmoon Cards in WotLK Classic?

They are purchasable on the Auction House and can additionally be farmed from the Darkmoon Faire. Inscription is required to craft the trinket.

Is Inscription good in WotLK?

If combined with Herbalism, you will make the most profits out of any other profession regardless of how the market treats prices. Engineering is the only competition profit-wise.



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