Gathering herbs in Wrath can be quite a profitable journey. However, some players may find it competitive or tedious to farm them efficiently.

With our Herbalism Power leveling service for WotLK Classic, you can sit back and relax while we gather and farm on behalf of your character, achieving along the way:

  • Grandmaster achievement
  • 450 Skill points in Herbalism
  • Lifeblood healing ability
  • Lots of gold potentials

What is Herbalism in WotLK?

Herbalism is a primary profession, meaning it can be one of only two significant professions a character can pursue. Herbalism is a gathering profession, which means that resources are generally acquired from herb clusters in Northrend regions and dungeons. These materials are typically utilized by players who have taken the professions of Alchemy or Inscription. Materials from Herbalism may be highly profitable without any of these crafting professions.

How to level Herbalism fast?

The fastest way to level Herbalism to 450 is with our boosting services. Seriously, this isn’t a cheesy advertisement. Our routes are the most efficient and, in some cases, very secretive.

How does our Power leveling service for Herbalism in WotLK Classic work?

Why bother farming and potentially being ganked when someone else whose highly skilled and efficient can do it for you? Our profession boosting service is of the highest quality. Whether you don’t have time, are working, or need a hand, PlayCarry is here to help!

Our booster will:

  • Achieve grandmaster in Herbalism
  • Gain skill level 450
  • You keep all reagents acquired during the service, meaning you’re getting your money’s worth with all the gold you’ll make

Depending on your realm, this service can be one of our fastest or slowest boosts. The sooner you act, the better!

  1. Select between 1-450 or 375-450 options
  2. Order your Herbalism power level and chat with a manager through our live chat to schedule a time to begin
  3. Ensure you are completely logged out of WoW
  4. All done! We will start shortly and notify you when complete


Is Herbalism good in WotLK Classic?

This profession is very profitable because many other trades require mats that only you can gather.

Is Herbalism the most profitable profession?

It is hard to say whether or not it is the most profitable. However, it yields more than a majority of trades would.



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