First Aid

Heroes never die! Or…at least they try not to. Not every class has the ability to heal themselves out or even in combat.

Our WotLK Classic First Aid Power leveling service provides you with a maxed-out profession, granting your character the ability to:

  • Heal themselves and their allies
  • Earn some extra gold from the auction house by selling bandages

With our Power leveling service, you’ll get:

  • First Aid skill up to 450
  • Grandmaster Achievement

What is First Aid in WotLK?

The First Aid profession is a significant secondary skill that all players may master since it allows players to make their bandages to treat themselves and their allies. Frostweave Bandage and Heavy Frostweave Bandage are the sole new recipes in Wrath.

How does our First Aid Profession Power leveling Service for WotLK Classic work?

This service is purchasable on our store page. A member of our highly-skilled, pro-level team will hand farm and level your first aid skill to completion without using any of your hard-earned gold.

During the service, you can expect our booster to:

  • Earn 450 skill points in First Aid
  • Fill your bags with all First Aid crafts
  • Potentially earn a bit of gold along the way
  • Earn the grandmaster medic achievement

This is one of the fastest profession services we offer. Get started now by:

  1. Selecting 1-450 or 375-450 option
  2. Order your service
  3. Contact your live chat to arrange a time for us to start
  4. All done. Just make sure you aren’t logged in before we start!


Is First Aid a good profession in WotLK?

First aid is a secondary profession that provides you with more healing abilities. It can earn you a bit of profit if used correctly as well.

First Aid


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