Drak’Tharon Keep

Drak’Tharon Keep, DTK for short, is an aging ice troll fortress located between the border of Grizzly Hills and Zul’Drak. This dungeon is a popular option for capped players and levelers, featuring a ton of reputation potential on Heroic and Normal modes. It is best known for being moderately tricky; let’s make it easier with Drak’Tharon Keep Dungeon Carry in Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

  • Potential gear drops
  • Chance of recipe and reagent drops
  • Earn XP
  • Earn Reputation
  • Achievements
  • Quest completion

What’s a WotLK Drak’Tharon Boost?

The Drak’Tharon WotLK Classic Boost is a service provided by PlayСarry team.

  • Add the service to your cart and check out
  • Contact a manager through live chat to schedule your carry
  • One of boosters will shortly after log onto your character and perform the boost with a group of top-level players
  • Sit back, relax, and let our players do what they do best
  • Within 1-2 hours, you’ll have another WotLK Dungeon clear and be on your way to a unique path with more milestones!

What is WotLK Classic Drak’Tharon Heroic Mode?

Every Dungeon features a Heroic Mode, a more challenging difficulty that features:

  • 200ilvl gear
  • More achievements
  • Daily Heroic Quest

As a reminder, Heroic dungeon achievements are required for the Glory of the Hero achievement.


Where is Drak’Tharon Keep location?

In arguably one of the most beautiful zones World of Warcraft has to offer, Grizzly Hills, lies Drak’Tharon Keep on the northwestern border. You will face corrupted trolls affected by the plague of undeath inside the dungeon. The four bosses featured in current instance are:

  • Trollgore
  • Novos the Summoner
  • King Dred
  • The Prophet Tharon’ja

What level can I enter Drak’Tharon in WotLK Classic?

Players can enter Drak’Tharon in Grizzly Hills at level 72. It is suggested that players clear zone at levels 73-76 for a smoother experience. You can skip gear checks and recommended levels with our carry.

What quests are featured in Drak’Tharon?

There are three Normal mode quests and one Heroic mode quest. Our carry includes the completion of all quests.

  • Cleansing the whole instance
  • Head Games
  • Search and Rescue
  • Proof of Demise: The Prophet Tharon’ja (Heroic Only)

Is this service worth it?

We understand you may question if carry is worth it for your class, spec, level, reputation, or something else. We recommend this service to those who:

  • Want a speedy clear rather than relying on LFG or PUG groups
  • Ease of mind
  • More experience and reputation points

Regardless of the pros and cons, this boost offers many perks some cannot pass up. We hope you consider us at PlayСarry!

Draktharon Keep


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