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Necrochasm Exotic

Returning from the annals of Year 1, Necrochasm was one of the more challenging acquisitions in its heyday. It demanded not only a complex quest but also relied on capricious drops from Hive knights and even the elusive Crota himself. These were times that witnessed many a frustrated gamer rage-quitting in despair.

Fast forward to the present, the new quest line offers a significantly smoother experience, but does it hold value in this era of nostalgic indulgence?

Necrochasm guide


  • Exceptionally swift time-to-kill
  • Arc damage, delivering a potent punch against the Darkness
  • Cursed Thrall explosions upon each kill, creating a chain reaction of devastation


  • Occupies a coveted exotic weapon slot
  • Optimal stability hinges on the Zen Moment perk

Let’s delve into the finer details of its perks:

  • The Intrinsic perk is Cascade, commonly found in close combat weaponry like Auto Rifles and Shotguns. It reloads a portion of the magazine upon a melee kill, usually around 11 rounds. While it won’t fully replenish the magazine unless you’re a true enthusiast, it can provide the ammunition needed to dispatch a subsequent foe.
  • The second column presents a choice between barrel perks: CQB and Aggressive Ballistics. Accurized Ballistics tends to disperse shots too widely for practical use, leaving CQB and Aggressive as contenders. CQB offers a tighter shot grouping, while Aggressive packs slightly more punch per shot. For aficionados of stability, it comes down to personal preference.
  • Zen Moment, found in the second column, grants a boost in stability when inflicting damage. Fortunately, this firearm dispenses rounds at a rapid pace, making stability a lesser concern.
  • The fourth column provides options for faster equip speed, quicker reloads, and a stability perk. The choice is clear here.
  • Finally, the Cursebringer perk in the last column, playfully dubbed “Funbringer” by Year 3 users, is what truly sets Necrochasm apart. Any kill, whether it’s a Thrall, a fellow Guardian urged into combat by Lord Shaxx’s perverse thirst for suffering, or even a stray Trip Mine, results in a ghoulish explosion, dealing damage to nearby targets. It’s akin to Firefly for those indifferent to headshots.


In the current landscape of Heroic Story Missions with elemental burns, these elemental primaries are in high demand. Necrochasm competes admirably with the venerable Arc burn champion, Zhalo Supercell. It’s time to break the monotony of Zhalo Supercell’s reign during Arc Burns.

While its Achilles’ heel is its limited range, Necrochasm excels at shredding adversaries from mid-range and closer. Unleash a barrage on an opponent, and before you can target their critical spot, you’ve already riddled them with bullets, activating Zen Moment. A group of Acolytes or Dregs will fall like dominoes as your first kill triggers a chain reaction. Keep that trigger pressed and bring down a charging Knight with relentless fire until they crumble to ashes.

The only drawback, apart from its relatively short range, is that Necrochasm occupies an exotic weapon slot. While Strikes, Nightfalls, and Patrols offer versatility in loadouts, as enjoyable and effective as Necrochasm is, it’s unlikely to replace Gjallarhorn, Sleeper Simulant, or Swords as the preferred raid Exotics.


Necrochasm, as a high Rate of Fire (RoF) Auto Rifle, endures beyond its retirement in the Crucible, where vintage weapons are granted a chance to relive their glory days. However, Year 3’s iteration feels like an entirely new beast. Unlike legendary Auto Rifles that may possess a range of unconventional perks, Necrochasm arrives with Fitted Stock and Zen Moment as standard features. While you may rarely encounter enemy Guardians clustered close enough to trigger Cursebringer, there’s an undeniable satisfaction in obliterating foes with a soul-rending explosion. (Perhaps “Smirkbringer” is the ideal name, but let’s leave that joke behind.)

It won’t save you from a skilled Matador blast, but with recent adjustments to Special Ammo, utilizing your exotic slot for a dependable primary weapon is a strategic choice. Slaying fellow Guardians with this weapon doesn’t require extraordinary skill. However, securing two kills from a single magazine demands precise targeting skills, where the Cascade perk may prove invaluable.

The quest to obtain Necrochasm is lengthy but significantly less arduous than the ordeal for exotic swords. If you can assemble a raid team to conquer Crota, it’s undoubtedly worth investing your time in upgrading your Eidolon Ally before venturing into the Abyss.

Necrochasm boost requirements and rewards:

  • 1810 power required
  • Necrochasm Exotic obtained
  • Various loot and rewards gathered during the boost
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact

Act now and harness the explosive power of the revamped Necrochasm exotic. Unleash chaos in the Crucible and dominate PvE encounters with its Cursebringer perk, turning every kill into a spectacle of destruction. Upgrade your Eidolon Ally, embark on the quest, and wield this formidable weapon to reignite the thrill of Year 1 in Destiny.

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