WOTLK Honor Farm

Start your level 80 journey off strong with WOTLK Classic Honor Farm! This boost includes any amount of points, even if you desire more than the cap of 75000 (You would be required to spend before continuing the service). We at PlayCarry value your time; let us farm for you hastily!

Order now and receive:

  • Any amount of WOTLK honor points.
  • Fast and reliable boost.
  • You’ll receive an abundance of honorable kills and battleground achievements (completion).
  • Safe and secure carry service without using any bots or exploits.

What is honor cap in WoW WotLK Classic?

The honor cap is 75000 points in WOTLK Classic. It is not possible to bypass it under any circumstances. However, you can farm it multiple times, meaning as long as you’re spending the honor you earn, you’ll never have to worry about there being a cap.

What is the best way to farm honor in WOTLK Classic?

There are plenty of ways in WOTLK Classic players can use to farm honor.

Some of those methods are:

  • Offensive Wintergrasp. Do all three dailies
  • Battleground dailies every day
  • Farm any PvP activities to collect marks and an abundance of honor
  • Complete Vaults of Archavon raid on both difficulty modes (weekly)
  • Let PlayCarry team farm all of this for you!

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Let us worry about farming for you while you sit back and relax, knowing you’re getting the best carry possible.

How can I use Honor Points in WOTLK?

Honor points in WOTLK Classic can be used for various non-set gear items (ring, neck, back, finger, and trinket).

  • Neck = 47400 honor
  • Back – 47400 honor
  • Finger = 47400 honor
  • Trinket = 62000 honor

Also, honor is used for epic gladiator pieces, so service benefits even the highest ranks of players.

Why PlayCarry?

We offer a safe, reliable, and fast farming services. We do our best to make customers’ game better.

Guarantees like that aren’t easy:

  • VPN usage for the safety of clients
  • Direct communication with boosters during long services
  • 24/7 Live Chat support here to answer any questions you have
  • We provide a fast, reliable, and convenient service
  • 100% Refund + Compensation if you are penalized during the order. Although rare, we do our best to keep your account safe

Thank you for considering PlayCarry as your go-to for boosting and carry services.

WotLK Honor Farm


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