The Outland Gourmet

The Outland Gourmet in WoW WotLK is a cooking achievement. It requires you to cook each of the Outlands recipes, grand total of 25 dishes. It is a part of Hail to the Chef achievement and Chef title.

The Outland Gourmet quick guide and tips

First thing to do for The Outland Gourmet achievement is to find all the recipes for the required dishes. There are a couple of sources for that:

  • Quest rewards
  • Reputations
  • Cooking daily’s
  • Vendors
  • Trainer

Second thing you’ll need is a cooking skill of roughly 360 to be able to cook the dishes. Lastly, you’ll have to find all the ingredients.

But what if you don’t have any reputations with Outlands factions or don’t know where to find all the recipes, or perhaps you simply don’t want to grind it all out but still want The Outland Gourmet and your Chef title? Then simply get our The Outland Gourmet boost and we’ll get it all done in the quickest of time. One of our professional boosters will grind everything required quick and easy, leaving you to enjoy only fun aspects of the game.

The Outland Gourmet


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