The Eye of Eternity

The final instance of The Nexus in Coldara, Eye of Eternity, is the lair of Malygos. This short raid instance includes a whopping one boss encounter! However, there’s a huge catch to this one boss instance. To begin the encounter, players must use a key obtained from Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas (Only one player needs to use it). Skip the line and buy our WotLK Classic Eye of Eternity boost today!

  • Potential for 213 iLvL gear
  • Achievements
  • Our fast and convenient service allows you to skip the line for “attunement”!

What is Eye of Eternity in Wrath Classic?

The Eye of Eternity (commonly known as EoE) is the final instance of the Nexus, with the blue Dragon Aspect, Malygos, as the last (and only) opponent. Malygos’ battle is similar to Onyxia’s fight in that he is a single raid foe held within his instance. Like all other raid instances in WotLK, This raid has a 25-man mode that rewards achievements and a larger loot table.

What is 25-Man EoE in Wrath Classic?

Like all other raids in Wrath, there is a 25-man mode for Eye of Eternity.

This version awards the player:

  • Larger loot tables (more loot chance)
  • 25-Man achievements because who doesn’t love achievement points?

What is our Eye of Eternity carry in WotLK Classic?

This is a service we offer on our store. It is a mostly piloted boost.

  • Check the service out of your cart
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Does EoE require attunement in WotLK?

No raids or instances in WotLK Classic require any attunement; however, a key is needed to start the instance that is only obtainable by defeating Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas.

Where is EoE in Classic WotLK?

This raid is located in The Nexus on Coldara. It is the only raid The Nexus has to offer.

What achievements come from Eye of Eternity?

  • The Spellweaver’s Downfall
  • A Poke in the Eye
  • Denyin’ the Scion
  • You Don’t Have an Eternity

All of these achievements have a ten and 25-man version! Plenty of achievement points to be earned.

The Eye of Eternity


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