The Coin Master

The Coin Master in WoW WotLK is the fishing achievement that requires you to fish out some coins from Dalaran’s fountain. Copper, silver and gold ones.

The Coin Master consists out of 3 smaller achievements:

  • A Penny For Your Thoughts – copper
  • Silver in the City – silver
  • There’s Gold in That There Fountain – gold

After completing it you’ll get Titianium Seal of Dalaran toy.

The Coin Master achievement quick guide and tips

There is not much to say other than you’ll have to fish all the coins from the Dalaran fountain, but I’ll take a while.

Here’s a few tips:

  • These coins are tradeable but you have to fish them out yourself in order to get credits
  • Copper and Silver coins can be sold to a vendor standing next to the fountain, gold ones can be used to get “Lucky” buff, which will increase your chances of fishing out said coins
  • This is a good way to finish leveling up your fishing skill and get some other fishing achievements

It will take some patience to get The Coin Master achievement but all self-respecting fishermans should give it a try at some point. Especially if you are after the Accomplished Angler and Salty title. And of course, PlayCarry can help you out with that with our The Coin Master carry. One of our professional boosters will do everything for you, quick and easy. Act now and get your Coin Master achievement done today.

The Coin Master


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