Higher Learning

Higher Learning achievement in WoW WotLK is all about reading books. It requires you to find and read a number of books hidden all around Dalaran city. As a reward for completing all of that you’ll get The School of Arcane Magic – Master tome. This book will teleport you to Archmage Vargoth’s Retreat. If you speak to him he will award you with a Kirin Tor Familiar companion pet that looks like a purple version of warlock Voidwalker pet.

Higher Learning achievement guide and strategies

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind to complete Higher Learning achievement:

  • Every book spawn at its fixed location
  • Spawns are not guaranteed, required books may or may not be at their fixed locations. If a random one spawns just read it and wait for a new one
  • When a book spawns, it stays until someone reads it
  • After someone have opened the tome it lasts for 3 minutes, meaning all other players can interact with it
  • Once a tome has been read, a new one will spawn in about 3-4 hours

It would’ve been a pretty easy one if not for all those restrictions and spawn timers. But if you want to get this Kirin Tor Familiar companion pet you’ll have to dedicate some time to it. Or you can get our Higher Learning Achievement boost and we’ll do the farming and grinding for you. Enjoy the game while doing the boring stuff and get you your Higher Learning achievement as quickly as possible.

Higher Learning


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