Master of Isle of Conquest

Master of Isle of Conquest in Wow WotLK, as the name suggests, is PvP achievement that requires you to complete a number of other, smaller achievements on Isle of Conquest. As a reward for completing this one you’ll get Tabard of Conquest, which will have a faction-specific red of blue colored theme.

A list of achievements to do for Master of Isle of Conquest:

  • Mowed Down
  • All Over the Isle
  • Back Door Job
  • Demolition Derby
  • Glaive Grave
  • Four Car Garage
  • Isle of Conquest Veteran
  • Cut the Blue Wire… No the Red Wire!
  • Mine
  • A-bomb-inable
  • A-bomb-initiation

Basically, you’ll have to do everything that Isle of Conquest has to offer. Kill other players, destroy vehicles, blow up or disarm bombs, etcetera. You’ll be able to complete some of these just by playing Isle of Conquest, but to master it you’ll have to do some work.

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Master of Isle of Conquest


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