Duality Seal

Duality Seal were added in a Season of the Haunted and comes with ten Triumphs and a new Title called Discerptor. Some of the Triumphs, that are part of the Duality Seal, have rewards of their own. For example, Thoughtstealer triumph rewards you with cool looking profile banner and Master Thoughtstealer also rewards you with the Mandate of Strength ship and increased Hearthshadow drop rate. Completing this Seal won’t be easy, but the most challenging parts of it will be a Master difficulty run and a solo completion. With all that being said, there is two ways you can approach this Seal: get yourself up to 1590 or higher Power level and prepare for some grinding or you can simply get our Duality Seal boost. We’ll get it done quick and easy, and completely stress free for you, leaving you to enjoy the rewards.

ETA for the boost will depend on what Triumphs you’ll need.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Duality Seal boost rewards:

  1. Duality Seal completed
  2. Discerptor title obtained
  3. Tons of Duality Legendary gear
  4. Additional rewards for completing related Triumphs
  5. Experience towards your Season pass and Artifact
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