Prophecy is yet another 3-man dungeon in D2. Prophecy used to be considered the hardest one. It also introduced the new dungeon mechanic- Light and Darkness. Long story short – there will be Light and Darkness pillars which players will have to cleanse by collecting Motes of Light or Motes of Darkness from the slain enemies.

Prophecy loot pool was chanced completely in a Season of Lost. All of the previous Prophecy loot now have been shifted into world loot pool. Reissued variants of Trials of the Nine weapons were added to Prophecy loot pool instead.

With all that being said we would like to offer you our Prophecy carry service, where you’ll join our professional fireteam and clear a whole place without breaking a sweat.

ETA for the boost is 2 hours.

Prophecy carry rewards:

  1. Prophecy dungeon full run
  2. Various dungeon specific legendary loot
  3. Experience towards your Season pass and Artifact
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