Violet Hold

In the heart of Dalaran, WotLKs new capital city, lies a prison of deceit. Violet Hold is a monument for farming resources and Pre-raid BiS gear. Dungeon includes randomly generated bosses, making farming out your pre-raid BiS more difficult. Our Violet Hold Dungeon boost will make tedious process stress-free for you.

  • Potential gear drops, recipes, and crafting reagents
  • Earn Experience if not level capped
  • Quest Completion
  • Achievements
  • Need a specific encounter on HC Mode? We got you covered

What is Violet Hold in WotLK?

The Kirin Tor prison guards are fighting off the Blue Dragonflight invasion sent by Kalygos. Players will enter the hold, relieving the small number of guards left of their duties and defending the invasion. The first two encounters in dungeon are randomly generated from a list.

  • Erekem
  • Moragg
  • Ichoron
  • Xevozz
  • Lavanthor
  • Zuramat the Obliterator

Due to the first two bosses being randomly generated, players may “put this instance on farm” to increase their chances of getting the exact boss they need.

Is Heroic Violet Hold in WotLK Classic worth running?

This question is understandable, as dungeon can be one of the most tedious dungeons to run in WotLK Classic due to its RNG.

  • 200ilvl Gear drops
  • Daily Heroic quest
  • Kirin Tor Reputation

All plate DPS classes require Zuramat the Obliterator for pre-raid BiS boots and gloves. Casters and Healers also have plenty of drops to benefit from, like Zuramat’s Necklace or Water-Drenched Robe.

What is WotLK Classic Violet Hold Boost?

This is a service we provide here on store. One of our top players will pilot your character through the instance quickly and safely.

  • Add service to your cart and check out
  • Reach out to the live chat to schedule a time with managers
  • Boosters will shortly after log onto your character
  • Violet Hold will be ran to completion; all rewards and drops earned are yours to keep


What level can I enter Violet Hold?

Players may enter Violet Hold as of level 75. There is no other requirement to enter other than needing a key to open the door, which someone can do for you if needed.

How to buy a WotLK Classic VH Boost?

We offer this service on our store. Add it to your cart to begin your journey!

Violet Hold Quests:

Our booster will complete both normal and heroic quests daily (if applicable). These quests include:

  • Containment
  • Discretion is Key
  • Proof of Demise: Cyanigosa (Heroic mode only)
Violet Hold


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