Utgarde Keep

An abandoned keep, previously home to the vrykul, awoken suddenly. Located in the thick of the cliffs of Howling Fjord lies a fortress. This dungeon is the first zone many players will experience in WotLK Classic. Utgarde Keep, or UK, is packed with achievements and quests for every player that enters, featuring a normal and heroic mode that offers a different yet similar experience. Skip the line in LFG and Bulletin addon posts, and live stress-free from PUG groups with our Utgarde Keep WotLK Classic boost, a carry service offered by PlayСarry.

Earn special rewards such as:

  • Dungeon Quest(s) completion for Horde and Alliance
  • Crafting Reagent and potential recipe drops
  • Reputation gains with Alliance or Horde Expeditions
  • Achievements for the first dungeon completion
  • Experience (if character is not level 80)
  • Potential equipment drops of rare and epic quality

What is Utgarde Keep?

Utgarde Keep is the first dungeon Horde, and Alliance players will most likely step into during their WotLK Classic journey. Current dungeon is a must-have for all players leveling in wrath content, featuring three faction-based quests and one neutral quest. The leader of the vrykul, King Ymiron, has allied with the Lich King. We all know what happens to allies of the Lich King, though.

Why is Utgarde Keep Carry important?

This boost is a vital first step into dungeons in WotLK Classic.

  • WotLK Classic Utgarde Keep Boost includes the completion of Normal and Heroic Modes. This includes achievements for either mode
  • Need the achievement, “On The Rocks”? No problem! We know it’s a requirement for the Glory of the Hero Achievement! Our carry service is here to help
  • Earn a good amount of quest XP
  • The Frostborn Reputation is Required for reaching exalted with the alliance vanguard
  • Instance rewards players a lot of XP and a few achievements. It is also a good dungeon for WotLK Classic speed leveling boost


How to complete the “On The Rocks” quest?

The player must defeat Prince Keleseth in Utgarde Keep on Heroic Difficulty; however, this must be done without shattering any Frost Tombs.

Where is Utgarde Keep?

Utgarde Keep is in the middle of Howling Fjord. Dungeon is closer for Horde faction. However, Alliance still can get in through Grizzly Hills.

How is WotLK Utgarde Keep Boost works?

This is a piloted boost. However, we provide current carry in self play mode on high-pop game reams.

  • After the creation of your order, our manager will reach out to you
  • Schedule a convenient time for your carry to be performed
  • A booster will log onto your character while using a VPN
  • Your service will begin
  • When finished, we will reach out to you immediately after completion
  • Enjoy!
Utgarde Keep


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