Timelost Fatebringer

Fatebringer is one of the fan-favorite weapons that made its return to D2. It has a series of rolls that can greatly increase its firepower. For example – Fatebringer is one of the few weapons that can roll Firefly, but it’s hardly the only choice. This weapon deep pool of perks makes a number of suitable godrolls. Choose yours, and lets us do the farming!

Power Level 1350+ is required for the Normal version and 1591+ for Timelost.

ETA for the boost is 3-5 hours.

Available for all regions and platforms.

Timelost Fatebringer boost rewards:

  1. Timelost Fatebringer obtained
  2. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
  3. Experience towards your Season Pass and Artifact
Timelost Fatebringer
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