The Epicurean

The Epicurean Fusion Rifle is one of the Opulent weapons that were reworked and reintroduced to D2 with the Season of the Haunted. Some of the perks were changed, however it still remained to be Void damage Precision Frame weapon.

This Fusion Rifle will be a great choice for PvP activities, plus its craftable, once you find five deepsight variations of it, which makes it even better. It can be quite useful in PvE activities but it really shines in PvP, especially with a new god roll, that is just excellent for PvP.

Sounds good right? Of course it does. And we can help you get this excellent gun for yourself with our The Epicurean boost, quick and easy.

ETA for the boost is 4-5 hours.

Available for all regions and platforms.

The Epicurean boost rewards:

  1. Required amount of The Epicureans obtained
  2. Various Duality Legendary gear and materials gathered during the boost
  3. Experience towards your Season Pass and Artifact
The Epicurean
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