Succession (Legendary Sniper Rifle)

Succession is a Legendary Sniper Rifle added to Destiny 2 game in 2020, with the Beyond Light expansion and Deep Stone Crypt raid. It is a kinetic Aggressive Frame rifle, with high damage but also huge recoil. One of the best Sniper guns in the game.

Succession, like any other Deep Stone Crypt weapon, has unique perks like Reconstruction and Recombination. Weapon will slowly reload itself with time and each lethal shot will give you a buff that will increase the next hit damage.

How to get Succession?

To get Succession rifle you’ll need to venture into Deep Stone Crypt raid on Europa. It has a chance to drop from 2nd boss encounter. After getting a first cope of it you’ll be able to farm secret chest in that area. Or you can buy it for 20 Spoils of Conquest at the end of the dungeon.

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ETA for the boost is 1-3 hours.

Available for all classes, platforms and regions.

Succession Legendary Sniper Rifle boost rewards:

  • Succession obtained
  • Various Deep Stone Crypt loot obtained during the boost
  • Experience for your Season pass and Artifact
Succession (Legendary Sniper Rifle)
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