Stormchaser is a new Linear Fusion rifle added to D2 with the Season of the Haunted. It is a new type of Linear Fusion rifles, it comes with the Aggressive Frame. In addition to that, Stormchaser fires in a 3 round burst. This makes Stormchaser one of the highest DPS weapons in D2 ever. Stormchaser is obtainable from the second and final encounter in the Duality dungeon, however it is not a guaranteed drop. You’ll have to do some farming to get it. Or you can get our Stormchaser boost, and we’ll do all the farming and grinding for you.

ETA for boost is 4-5 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Stormchaser boost rewards:

  1. Stormchaser Linear Fusion rifle obtained
  2. Various Legendary gear and resources from Duality dungeon
  3. Experience for your Season pass and Artifact
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