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Star-Eater Scales Exotic

Star-Eater Scales are Exotic boots for Hunters. Viable for every Subclass, those boots will make your Super charge more quickly and will also increase its damage. In order to obtain these boots, you will have to complete Lost Sector on Legend or Master Difficulty.

We can help you out with that, with our Star-Eater Scales Exotic boots boost. Our team of professional players will get it done in no time, and stress free for you.

Power level 1820+ is required.

ETA for boost is 12-24 hours.

Available for all platforms.

Star-Eater Scales Exotic Boots boost rewards:

  1. Star-Eater Scales exotic boots obtained
  2. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
Star Eater Scales Exotic
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Star-Eater Scales Exotic
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