Salvations Grip Exotic GL

Salvation’s Grip is an Exotic Grenade Launcher added to D2 in Beyond Light expansion. It has the unique attack type – stasis, and needed to unlock the season’s Triumphs. It has a perk called Cryocannon that can freeze enemies. You can also charge it to fire a giant ice crystal. This weapon works well with your stasis subclass basically. Salvation’s Grip also has an important use outside combat – you can destroy entropic shards with it, to get Aspect of Control.

Unlocking Salvation’s Grip can be grindy and will take a few rather hard steps. So, we are offering our help with it with our Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher boosting services.

ETA for the boost is 6 hours.

Available for all platforms and regions.

Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher boost rewards:

  1. Salvation’s Grip Exotic Grenade Launcher obtained
  2. Ability to destroy Entropic Shards unlocked
  3. Various gear and materials gathered during the boost
Salvations Grip Exotic GL
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