Obsidian Sanctum

Dive into the sanctum of the Black Dragonflight, a heavily farmed instance due to unique loot rules with players lining up at the entrance. Leaving all drakes alive and defeating Sartharion yields powerful rewards. Who needs LFG or the stress of PUGs when you can buy our Obsidian Sanctum raid carry today and reap all potential rewards?

  • Earn reputation with factions
  • Potential Epic Loot drops for your class/spec
  • Chance of getting Reins of the Black Drake or Reins of the Twilight Drake
  • Achievements

What is The Obsidian Sanctum in Wrath Classic?

More than ten thousand years ago, Neltharion, the black Dragon Aspect, set out on a mission to rule over his brother dragons and thereby enslave Azeroth. The other Aspects forced Neltharion into hiding before he could accomplish his aim, but the rest of the black Dragonflight continued his evil work. The black flight diminished due to its terrible activities, and Deathwing devised a plan to replenish its ranks. However, his operatives eventually began experimenting with various dragonflights to produce a new and more powerful dragon species. The twilight dragons are a formidable and dangerous new breed that sprang from the experiments.

The Obsidian Sanctum is the Black Dragonflight section of the Chamber of Aspects. The entrance is located under the Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight and is reached by a fissure in the ice that follows the Path of the Titans. Sartharion the Onyx Guardian and his three drake commanders, Shadron, Tenebron, and Vesperon, are the raid bosses. Raiders can opt to kill all three drakes or keep some of them alive. Completing the fight with one or more drakes raises the difficulty and the quality of loot that drops.

How Obsidian Sanctum WotLK Classic boost works

This is a mostly piloted service.

  • Choose your raid size between 10 or 25 man
  • Add the service to your cart, fill your information out, and check out
  • Contact our managers through live chat at the bottom right of the website to arrange a convenient time for your carry
  • We will farm Obsidian Sanctum on your character to completion. You keep all rewards gained during the service
  • Enjoy!

Please note the time for clearing any raid service may vary. Accidents happen! We guarantee your service will be completed within the estimated time we provide you.


What achievements come from Obsidian Sanctum in WotLK Classic?

There are 12 potential achievements for players to earn.

  • Besting the Black Dragonflight
  • Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows
  • Less Is More
  • Twilight Assist
  • Twilight Duo
  • The Twilight Zone

These achievements have a 10 and 25-man version of each other.

How long does our Obsidian Sanctum Boost take?

This service takes approximately 30-45 minutes usually. People can make mistakes, though; therefore, the time may vary.

Does Obsidian Sanctum drop Tier pieces?

Yes! This raid drops potential tier pieces to all players.

Where is The Obsidian Sanctum in Wrath located?

The Obsidian Sanctum is found in Dragonblight’s Wyrmrest Temple’s “basement.” It may be reached from the north by descending the Path of the Titans. The coordinates are 53.6, 86.4

Obsidian Sanctum


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Obsidian Sanctum
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